Selling my Ammo for College fund (Metro Atlanta area)

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    All sold! Thanks everyone.

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  2. Bkite

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    For the record, I actually PM'd you as per your initial instructions.
    A response to that pm would hopefully contain a counter offer

  3. Malum Prohibitum

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    I had to delete a lot of posts here.


    This is not an auction site. There is also no price bashing. These rules have been in place here for many years. I do not care what your opinion is on me deleting your post, so save yourself the time sending me a complaint. I will ignore it. This is NOT the way this forum is conducted.

    READ THE BUY/SELL FORUM RULES before you make a post in this thread. They are in a sticky at the top of this forum. RULES HERE

    1.2 - Price: Post the price you want for the merchandise you are selling. If you are unsure about a price, make a general estimation and work it out with the potential buyers. This board is not for auctions, so don't make people start at a lower price and work their way up. You have and for those types of sells. We also recommend posting pictures in the thread, but this is your choice.

    1.3 - No Bashing: If someone is selling/trading/buying a product for more than it's worth or you don't like the price or the firearm itself, don't bash their thread or products. Feel free to PM/Email the seller/trader/buyer to inform them of such and why, but don't take-over the thread.
    If you want to buy jburn062's ammunition, then send him a PM like the post requests. Apparently BKite is the only GPDO forum user who pays attention (if anybody else refrained from posting and sent a PM, then good, I did not mean to exclude you - just posting about what I see). If you don't like jburn062's price, then do yourself and us a favor and move on to another thread and buy your ammunition cheaper elsewhere.

    In case you cannot tell, this post is a warning.

    Please heed it.
  4. Lander nimal

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    Would you be willing to sell 100rds of 9mm?
  5. jburn062

    jburn062 New Member

    All sold, thanks everyone.
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