Self Defense Laws?

Discussion in 'GA Laws and Politics' started by thebugman, Jan 5, 2006.

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    Does Georgia have anything like this?

    I was hoping some of you legal types would be familiar enough with the Codes to know.
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    Nor I either. But, I must say I like the idea. The costs of defending oneself against a murder charge could be crippling. Not to mention the fact that it is highly likely that a murder defendant would lose his or her job (due to pre-trial incarceration, even if not for the stigma of being a "murderer.") District attorneys tend to be cavalier about charging, probably on the theory that most people have some level of culpability and will accept a plea bargain. This system is harsh, however, on the actually innocent.
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    State Law

    Hey Guys,

    This is my first post. I'm new to handguns. In fact, I just applied for a conceiled weapons permit today in Dekalb County. I understand I'll receive my license in six months. Tucker Gun referred me to your site. VERY INFORMATIVE! Thanks for taking the time.

    My questions are: What constitutes 'self defense' and when can lethal force legally be used? Is their a specfic link to Georgia's definition? After hours of research, I know where I can and can't carry my handgun, I just don't know WHEN I can use it to protect myself or protect others in life threatening danger. Kind Regards.
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    Thanks! I'll take a look. regards..
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    You might also want to look in the Current Bills section for two current proposals in the General Assembly to change those Code sections.