Self-Aiming Sniper Rifles

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    Pointless invention, waste of our tax dollars. Obviously people have too much money of ours to play with if they are coming up with these toys.

    Our men where consistently hitting their target at a 1000 yards in WW2 with the M1 Garand. It will still take a human to identify the target, determine if it is a threat, setup the gun, and decide when the right timing is to fire the shot. Rifleman skills will always be needed and will never be replaced by technology.

  3. If you read the article carefully, they are not talking about some sort of robot gun. It is a system that shows the optimum point of aim in the sniper's scope. The rifle is still operated by the soldier.

    I imagine similar objections were raised when optical scopes were introduced. "Our boys are doing just fine with iron sights!"

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    It's called a reticle!

    **** like this really gets my goat.

    A computer can never give any "optimum" point of aim. Nothing beats training and practice.
    Anyone that has pulled the trigger on distance targets can tell you that.
    Meteorological data (heat/humidity), windage, mirage, trigger pull, movers... accuracy comes from practice!

    Everyone wants to build a better moustrap.
    Nothing SCREAMS laziness like trying to employ a platform to completely remove any semblance of rational thought;
    Critical decision making.

    Is the training too expensive anymore???
    It's a crutch to lean/depend on. Take away the technology and you're now combat ineffective!
    I like advanced optics as well as the next guy but I know how to shoot iron sights.
    Marksmanship comes from actually going out and shooting.

    Every generation seems to feel that theirs did it a little better.
    Well I do not like the current trend of our armed forces depending on technology to do their jobs for them.
    They no longer require Morse code in military schools as a method of communication.
    Artillery skills of manual gunnery and survey are gone. Replaced by computers...
    Navigation by compass or sextant??? Oh hell no! There's GPS.
    Basic survival skills are a thing of the past. Caliber recognition, gone

    I'm not questioning today's soldiers dedication, heart or bravery but we reap what we sew.
    We're breeding mediocrity and that's what we're getting... MEDIOCRE soldiers.
    Stop this kind of madness and get back to training.
    There isn't a better computer that has ever been designed than the grey matter between your ears.
    You just have to use and exercise it...

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    I will have to disagree with some of you guys. Such a system is easily doable. In fact, it already exists and it is called computer controlled artillery. Our guys can hit a target the size of a car at 60 kilometers away without illumination (i.e.:laser).

    The problem with a rifle is the weight of the electronic they must put on the rifle. Already, Burris has the Eliminator scope and every review I read says it is darn good. The only thing it does not measure is the wind speed, the "mirage" effect and the slope. All those can be computed easily with the proper equipment. Even the speed of the target can be computed now. So, I don't see why they could not build a system that put a dot in the scope (like the burris, bu on 2 axis instead of 1) that permits the shooter to hit the target.

    STILL the shooter will have to have the proper basic skills (NPOA, respiratory pause, trigger control, etc...). But all the calculations will be removed.

    Thank you
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    Reading wind condition down range? I could use something like that. That is about the only thing I need to practice. :lol:
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    If something ever became affordable and available to the citizens, I'd buy it. Sounds pretty cool.

    I still think you would need to learn how to do it the old fashioned way, though. Never depend on technology. It breaks way to easily. Or it could simple run out of battery life and you'd be screwed.

    Become to technology dependent and you're dead. Even using a scope only can be a bad thing.

    Always know how to use iron sights as well.
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    This is basically the plot of I, Sniper a Bob Lee Swagger story.
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    I find it ironic that you wrote this rant on a computer, probably the most obvious proof of concept of the "better mousetrap" idea.
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    My point being, sometimes you have to buy into the mousetrap to keep up.
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    Irony? No, I alluded to the fact that I actually use technology.
    You missed my point that I have the ability to do it another way. Unlike the majority
    of computer users I have actually used a typewriter. No spellcheck. No delete key.
    Long ago in a period where there were no fonts. Ask a highschooler to do the same.

    To further illustrate my point about technology breeding mediocrity:
    In an article last month there was concern that today's school-age children
    cannot write. Use of inappropriate contractions and acronyms hinder their
    ability to actually write a paragraph, a letter, or composition.
    Where will that lead us in the future? OMG! :sly:
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    Its clear that you judge mediocrity by the capability of a person rather than what they produce. Am I mediocore because I elect to rely on the grocery store for my sustainance rather than learn the ways of agriculture? I still eat.

    I used a typewriter when I was in highschool, and I have no reason to ever again, so why would I retain that skill? If that skill suddenly became neccessary again, it can be learned.

    Finally, I understand where you are going with all of this, and to some extent I'm with you. I've seen the movie idiocracy, and there is a movie called "LOL" in production. Its the beginning of the end.