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Feds create law, enforce it, but REFUSE to publish it (more TSA insanity)

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"Supreme Court won't KO airport ID policy
Associated Press
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge to federal airport regulations requiring passengers to show identification before they board planes.

The justices, without comment, let stand an appeals court ruling against Libertarian activist and millionaire John Gilmore. Gilmore wanted the court to force the federal government to disclose the policy that requires passengers to produce identification.

Unless the regulations are made public, air travelers have no way to determine if the regulations call for impermissible searches, Gilmore said in court papers. The Justice Department has said that demanding ID protects passengers' safety.

The case is Gilmore v. Gonzales, 06-211."
"John Gilmore is disappointed that the Supreme Court refused to act on the danger posed by the unconstitutional position of the TSA, and its refusal to release the text of the law that it uses to require travelers to show identification. In his Petition for Certiorari, John asked the Court to decide whether the government may keep secret a law that affects millions of Americans every month, when the government has acknowledged what it claims are the contents of the law, and despite the fact that the government has never enunciated any reasonable basis for maintaining secrecy. This country has a remarkable history of publishing its laws, to give the public notice of the behavior the government demands of them. John has pursued this effort because, as he said on, "Until Americans have the ability to know the contents of the laws being applied to them, our Republic is in danger..."
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