Seatbelts in trucks

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    I think there are far better ways to get people to buckle up beiseds passing laws. They could establish insurance practices or something. This method of making it law has not worked any better than the gun control laws. Yet they still do it anyway.

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    The legislative history of the seatbelt law is proof that you can't trust politicians. The first version of this law did not allow a seat belt violation to be a primary traffic stop offense--- the police could only ticket you for it if they had SOME OTHER REASON to stop you and also happened to notice that you weren't buckled. THen as soon as the public came to accept this level of Big Brother government looking after you for your own good, lest you suffer the consequences of your own poor decisionmaking, the weasels rewrote the law to make a seat belt violation a regular crime for which you could be pulled over, detained, and ticketed. Maybe even jailed-- I donno, I haven't read the fine print.

    And while I'm on a rant, remember how those of us in the metro Atlanta area who have to get emission tests on our vehicles were subjected to a new law that was much more difficult to pass-- including sniff-tests on the gas cap and actually running the car on a treadmill, etc? The compromise that made this slow and expensive test acceptable to the general public was that instead of having to pass it each year, it was something we'd have to do EVERY OTHER YEAR, at twice the price of the old annual test.
    Well how long did that "every other year" stuff last? One year? Six months? In no time, the government declared that we would have to have the new test every year.

    Oh, yeah, and the state flag. Sonny beat King Roy because he (correctly) observed that under the Barnes administration, the legislators were strong-armed into getting rid of our Confederate-looking state flag with no opportunity for the people to have their say. Sonny won the election and promptly ordered the legislature to give us a vote on a choice of three different flags-- NONE of which was the 1956-2002 Georgia flag whose demise outraged the people enough to put Sonny in the governor's mansion in the first place. We had a choice alright-- to choose between three other flags that Sonny had pre-approved for us. (P.S. I prefer the one we have now, which had been the flag from the 1920s to 1956, but that doesn't mean that I can't be outraged at the process by which the Confederate-looking flag was replaced).

    You can trust politicians about as far as you can throw the building that they regularly meet in.
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    HAHAHAHAHA! Too bad none of us are HE-Man or Superman. That would be quite a feat.
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    Bob Barr mentions this today in his Big Government Republican themed editorial. Good read.