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When I received my new Georgia WCL (issued by Rabun County), it didn't appear to have a seal. Since my expired license DID have a seal, and at the bottom of the new license there is the statement "Invalid unless signed by the Probate Judge, Sealed Laminated", I called the Probate Judge's office and asked for an explanation. I was told that the seal was there, it was just hard to see. I said that I was looking very closely at the license in good light and that I have 20/20 vision, and that I couldn't see it.

I was asked to hold up the license to the light and move it back and forth. Finally, I was able to see a very vague circular impression and a couple of letters (but couldn't read the entire seal). If I'm ever asked for my license by a LEO, I seriously doubt if the officer is going to take the time or the trouble necessary (especially if it's an out-of-state LEO, or if it's dark) to see the seal and it won't surprise me if I'm accused of having a counterfeit license.

Is this just a Rabun County issue, or are all the seals on the WCLs this difficult to see?
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