Scratching Man and Beast

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    I feel the need to share this info, which has benefited both my life and that of my pet cat greatly.

    The best back scratcher in the world, for us humans, costs only $2 to $5 and is readily available at any store that sells housewares or kitchen equipment .

    It's a stainless steel spatula, which you modify by first scraping the edge on concrete -- like on the curb in front of your house, or your sidewalk, or your front porch steps. I suppose you could use a rough metal file in your workshop or some coarse-grit sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood .

    Then you do the second modification of bending, to appoximately 90 degrees, the last inch of the scraping edge.

    This steel back scratcher is stronger than anything you can buy made of wood or plastic, and it's cheap and easily replaceable. No big deal if it gets lost or if you want multiple copies of this around the house --maybe one by your bed, one by your reading chair, and one at work.
  2. gunsmoker

    gunsmoker Lawyer and Gun Activist

    As for serving the hairy beast in your family, I recently started using a cheap plastic men's hair comb to scratch the sides of my cat's face.

    She loves it, more than being brushed with any type of brush that I've used--- and I've used several kinds over the years.

    Specifically, the comb is what she prefers that I use on her face, scratching her from her chin across her cheeks to her ears. This is the same area of her face that she scratches by rubbing up against furniture, against your pant legs, the sides of your laptop or iPad etc.

    It's like catnip -- she can't get enough, and can become something of a nuisance when she wants continued face scratching but I want to put the comb down.

    So, that's my "life hack" share for the year. Easy and simple ways to make yourself and your furry friend very happy.

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    Sounds like a good scratcher. This one has been working well for me. BackScratcher.jpg
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    I have one like that too!
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    Greatly? That's a silly name for a cat.