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I'm thinking of doing the NRA "light rifle" match at Riverbend Gun Club this coming Saturday, July 2nd.

You don't have to be a Riverbend member. Guests pay a $20 range fee, I think.

This involves shooting a .22 rifle, usually scoped, but an iron-sighted rifle would be allowed too. Shooting is done from the unsupported standing (offhand) position. No sling, no shooting coat, not hooked butt plate, etc.

50 feet. 80 shots fired for record. All slow fire. Sets of 10 shots must be finished within 15 minutes. You can take sighting shots before and during that time, too. One of the bullseyes on the target paper is actually a "sighter" bullseye that is not scored.

The aiming black is about 2" diameter, and the 10-point center ring is about the size of a dime. The X-ring (used to break ties with equal point counts) is the size of an aspirin tablet.

If you can hold a 1" group at 50 feet, you'll get a score that's mostly 9's with a couple 10s and X's thrown in, and while you might not win (there will be some serious Master-class trophy-winning riflemen (and women) there, you'll enjoy the shooting and feel good about your score.

WARNING: Plenty of people who spend way more time talking guns than shooting guns will think that they can easily hold a 0.75" group at 50 feet with a scoped rifle. It's just like taking a head shot on a crow or a squirrel 50 feet up a tree, right? Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't. Test your theory about how good you are and document your skill (or lack thereof) on the range with others attempting the same feat you are.

If anybody wants to meet up for breakfast and shoot together, or shoot first and then talk about it over lunch afterward, send me a PM.

P.S. The Riverbend Gun Club range is a few miles southwest of Dawsonville and a several miles northwest of Cumming. You can get to it from either I-575 in Canton or GA 400 in Cumming.
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