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That school hostage taking incident in some other state ended badly. CNN reports that after negotiations broke down and the gunman (adult) had become more and more crazy, SWAT stormed the building. The gunman reacted to the SWAT entry team by shooting at them, then shooting one of his two hostages dead, and then shooting himself. The report does not say if he was even fired on.

Although we don't know the details, who thinks that somebody messed up here? Any suggestions about how this could have been done better? Bad guys facing a SWAT team should not have the time to fire several rounds at three different targets before being cut down or otherwise incapacitated.

The Russians seemed to have a good idea about putting sleeping gas vapor into the air ducts for the building. Of course in the USA, we'd figure out the dose a little more accurately so as not to poison half the hostages to death.
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