School Shootings in Alpharetta Beacon!!

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    This is a great story in the Opinion section of the Alpharetta Beacon this week dated October 25. While this is a small town publication, the author, Larry Elder does a fine job of asking and answering the qeustion, "Do Gun Free Zones Encourage School Shootings."

    He reviews several school attacks which ended with dire consequences and then goes on to admonish the press for their failure to publicize the times that armed citizens intervened to stop or mitigate the loss of life. He cites 280 news stores in the week after an Appalachian Law School shooting where only four mentioned the shooter was subdued by a second student's use of a gun. He goes on to cite a National Institute of Justice survey of felons who agreed in staggering numbers that armed citizens and homes avoided as possible crime locations. He also writes about a survey of 23,000+ police chiefs and sheriffs across the country that found 62% of them agreed that a national concealed handgun permit would reduce the rates of violent crime. My favorite is his last paragraph referring to Israel's requirement that teachers and parent aides carry weapons and school shootings have "plummeted to zero".

    Here's a scan of the story (best that I could do).
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    There's another story about the assistant principal who used to keep a gun in his desk until they changed the law. Later when they had a school shooting he ran out to his car (which he had parked outside the 1000 foot zone) grabbed his gun and subdued the shooter.

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    I listen to Larry Elder on Sirius satellite radio. Great show.
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    I've never heard his name before and was shocked to see that story in the Alpharetta Beacon. I sent him a nice email thanking him for the article.
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    Elderados unite!
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    There are so many good columnists these days I'd forgotten about Larry Elder. Like I don't forget anything else... :roll:

    Thanks for the reminder! :idea: