School Authorization

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    What about it? Does a note from the principal mean you are good to go, or do you need a board vote? Is the authorization good for one visit, needing to be renewed each time, or can you get one for the whole year (or 5 years, or 10)?


    O.C.G.A. 16-11-127.1

    (c) The provisions of this Code section shall not apply to:
    . . .

    (6) A person who has been authorized in writing by a duly authorized official of the school to have in such persońs possession or use as part of any activity being conducted at a school building, school property, or school function a weapon which would otherwise be prohibited by this Code section. Such authorization shall specify the weapon or weapons which have been authorized and the time period during which the authorization is valid;
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    Ultimately I think you could convince 1 of 12 jurors that a principal was good enough. Presuming the principal wrote your note, obviously he or she would feel 'authorized'.