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    So what is the deal with SLED? Why won't they sign a reciprocity agreement with Georgia?
  2. Gunstar1

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    SC law says that to sign a reciprocity agreement, the state has to have a similar application process as SC does. SC requires training, and GA does not. If their reciprocity law changes or their carry law changes to no longer require training, then they will grant reciprocity.

  3. foshizzle

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    FL requires training and they won't accept a FL res or non-res permit either.

    They won't take Utah either.

    SC SUX.
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    SC will not accept non-resident licenses. I have no idea why they will not take Utah or Florida resident licenses, but that is something that SC residents are going to have to work out, as Georgia residents do not have much pull there.

    As a matter of principle, I would like to see Georgia accept any state's license, resident or nonresident. I would not mind Georgia issuing nonresident licenses, either, although I think the Dept. of Agriculture should be doing it (really anybody but the 159 local probate judges!).
  5. Because those states accept out of state applicants. I travel to SC regularly for my job and it drives me nuts that they are the only state in the south that i can't carry in. I tried looking for states that reciprocated with SC that accepted non-residents, but there are none.
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    Let me trry to clear this up for y'all...

    Correct, SC does not honor a GA CWP because there is no training required. As for the FL CWP, there were some issues with the lack of wording re: felons and permits (I know - stupid). I could be wrong, but I seem to think that UT is now reciprocal.

    Now the good news - there is a bill tracking thru the State House to make us a total reciprocal state. This may or may not include non-resident permits - probably not but we might get lucky. You can go to our version of y'all at for updates, or as well.