SC Woman Shoot Home Invader

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Nemo, Nov 3, 2018.

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    She forgot to pull the trigger again. And again.

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    He turned away instantly after taking the first hit, and the woman was behind cover (concealment?), so his movement may have taken him out of her line of fire.

    This other article says the man and woman (both suspects) first pounded on the front door, then tried to force their way thru the back door, then went into the woman's garage, and finally came back to the front door where the man kicked it in.

    AND the article says that the woman WARNED the intruder that she was inside, with a gun, and would use it if he didn't leave. So, his actions show that he intended to murder or otherwise assault her physically as soon as he made entry. (Fortunately, he changed his mind after taking a bullet to the chest.)

    Good shoot. Depending on his motivation, this ought to be (in a proper moral society with a good criminal law system) a capital offense. Breaking into somebody's home with force and violence against the home occupant you know is there should result in your execution following trial and conviction. Permanent removal from society, forever. You don't get a "do over" when you make that kind of choice. But, in our sissified society that's all about being nice to criminals, the best we can hope for is 10 years in prison, of which he's probably only serve 4 before making parole.
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    Some people have been know to do that, albeit erroneously, under color of law. And yet there's no accountability. Just saying. :popcorn:
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    It was refreshing to see a younger black woman on the news who has a firearm, and actually used it to protect herself and her family. Also refreshing that she seemed like a nice, polite, non-vigilante working person type, who wished she hadn't needed to use it. That speaks well of us gun owners, to the general public.