SB 323 Disposition of Property Seized; provide LEA the option to destroy or sell

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    2017-2018 Regular Session - SB 323 - Disposition of Property Seized; provide law enforcement agencies the option to destroy or sell certain firearms; procedures; revise

    Sponsored By

    (1) Jackson, Lester 2nd(2) Henson, Steve 41st(3) Tate, Horacena 38th
    (4) Jones II, Harold 22nd(5) Harbison, Ed 15th(6) Seay, Valencia 34th


    SC: HC:

    First Reader Summary

    A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Article 3 of Chapter 5 of Title 17 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to disposition of property seized, so as to provide law enforcement agencies the option to destroy or sell certain firearms; to revise procedures for the disposition of certain firearms in custody of law enforcement agencies; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

    Status History

    Jan/11/2018 - Senate Hopper
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    Unfortunately, Lester Jackson was made my Senator during redistricting and is very anti-gun. I have contacted him several times (and will again over this) and always get a dismissive reply.

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    Gotta love Big Government Democrats wanting to literally destroy valuable property instead of conserving funds for operations.
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    Liberals are weak thinkers. Emotionally-driven non-thinkers like that believe that guns have a personality. And that they are evil.

    They’d say that a gun that is made brand new and sold only to a decent law-abiding citizen might be acceptable in our society, but a gun that was owned by a criminal will take on the personality of a criminal and that gun can never be trusted again —no matter who owns it.

    If that’s not how they think, then the only other explanation for their position is that all guns are always bad, and society should destroy them wherever and whenever we get the chance. Whenever the courts will allow this and not find a problem with due process of law, search and seizure, or the RKBA.
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    That is how APD operated for decades as far as I can tell. They "needed" the weapon for evidence. Then when the trial was over, the defendant sentenced/or released, they "couldn't find" the weapon. Then there is this BIG show for TV where they destroy hundreds of "abandoned" weapons. Yes, I lost a S&W revolver that way years ago that was stolen out of my wife's car. Another reason that simply because people have badges they don't automatically get my respect. Too many violate the Constitution at whims.

    So, the Courts never, ever, found against departments when citizens tried to hold someone accountable for their lost/seized/destroyed weapons back then - why would they now?