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Saxby Chambliss earmarks

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He has asked for $413,000 for peanut research in Alabama in the new spending bill. As reported by Megyn Kelly on FoxNews.
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Ha, I know. I saw that, too.

Also, how about all the ridiculous earmarks in the trillion dollar Omnibus bill they are trying to pass right now. They will never get the message, and they will continue to get away with all this foolishness as well.
Wait, when did he become an Alabama senator???
Number of earmarks
Chambliss (R-GA) 42
Isakson (R-GA) 24 ... iss-walks/
Last night Georgia’s allegedly conservative Senator, Saxby Chambliss, said on the Senate floor, “America’s fiscal house is in disarray. Our budget process is broken. And future generations will end up paying the price if we continue to ignore the difficult decisions required to fix this grave threat to our country’s financial stability.†He went on to say, concerning these problems, that “we’ve got to address it next year.†Next year? Swell.
:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:



Saxby is getting an angry phone call tomorrow! They obviously printed out the "no" emails and wiped you-know-what with them. :twisted:

Oh, and I will be checking up on Isakson as well. He might be getting a personal stop-off in his dist. office.
ARGH! :puke:
HA Peach Pundit got his attention. link
On Nov. 2, the American people made it clear that they want Congress to rein in spending. I recently voted in support of an earmark moratorium to help reduce federal spending in the next Congress. As I have previously stated, while this is not the answer to our budget woes, it is a good start. Even though the Omnibus Appropriations Act falls under this Congress and is not covered by the moratorium, and even though it contains items that will benefit Georgia, it simply spends too much. I intend to vote against it.
Mumbo Jumbo

Anyway he says he is going to vote against it. But you had 42 earmar....nevermind.

Chambliss voted (as did Isakson) for the darn bill!!!!!!!!! Chambliss SAID he would NOTvote for it (as reported by his staff to Peach Pundit ... ve-leader/):
Even though the Omnibus Appropriations Act falls under this Congress and is not covered by the moratorium, and even though it contains items that will benefit Georgia, it simply spends too much. I intend to vote against it.
Here is the proof he DID vote for it. ... vote=00276

We have some three years to find a replacement for Saxby- HE JUST DOES NOT GET WHAT BEING A FISCAL CONSERVATIVE AND NOT SPENDING OTHER PEOPLES MONEY IS ALL ABOUT. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
fmlaw1 I'm not sure that's the right bill.
Latest Title: Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010

81 Yeah
19 Nay

Also, from Michellle Malkin ... eal-81-19/
The Senate just finished voting on the Obama/GOP tax deal. It passed as expected.

The vote was 81-19.
I could be confused, through the haze of anger. Correct me if I am wrong - I would not take it the wrong way. ... wsID=11393

[s:2mtrmgst]The Omnibus Bill is H.R.6517[/s:2mtrmgst]

Edit: strikethrough wrong bill see my posts below.
Douchebaggery defined.
mountainpass said:

The Omnibus Bill is H.R.6517
Omnibus Trade Bill? (emph. mine)
Omnibus Trade Bill? (emph. mine)
Yeah your right....I think. I'll look around.
Here's an article about it. ... s-20101214
Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, on Tuesday unveiled a $1.108 trillion omnibus spending package that he hopes to substitute for a House-passed, year-long continuing resolutionâ€"an 11th-hour legislative gambit to close the books on fiscal year 2011 appropriations.

“While I appreciate the work that the House has done in producing a full year continuing resolution, I do not believe that putting the government on autopilot for a full year is in the best interest of the American people,†Inouye said in a release.

His comments come after the House last week passed a CR that includes no earmarks and would cap discretionary spending at $1.089 trillion, the same as fiscal 2010.

Defying the White House, the omnibus includes $450 million to keep an alternate-engine program for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter alive, which the Pentagon says it doesn’t want or need.
mountainpass said:
That's it.

The $1.1 trillion Senate omnibus bill contains 6,714 earmarks worth $8.3 billion.
Read more: ... z18IxfKqXM
Two days after unveiling a 1,924 page earmark-filled Omnibus Budget plan, Democrats last night pulled the plug on the massive budget bill, sparking an hour of bitter exchanges on the Senate floor.
"It was a Democratic and Republican bill," complained Sen. Reid.

But after the results of the November elections were in - where a dominant message was that Congress was spending too much money - McConnell pulled a 180 degree turn and declared his opposition to the bill, ultimately bringing other GOP Senators along with him.
I haven't researched this in any way nor do I know anything about Senator Chambliss's specific peanut earmark, but I do know that there is (or was) a peanut research laboratory in Dawson that was formerly run by the USDA and was later transferred to Auburn University. A guy I knew was a chemist there and I remember about 8 years ago he told me he was becoming an Auburn employee rather than a federal employee as a result. That might be why he was sending money to AL as a grant to continue this research in Dawson.
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