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Effingham County, Georgia

From February 6, 2006 WTOC channel 11: ... 7&nav=0qq6

Deputies were called to the Timesaver on Deerfield Street after a man apparently walked in with a gunshot wound.

Deputies now say that three men--David Wiltz, Burney Cobb, Jr., and Timothy Sikes--forced their way into a home on Zeigler Road and tried to rob the man living there at gunpoint. They had a shotgun, but the homeowner had his own gun and opened fire, hitting Wiltz.

The men took off, but when they got to Highway 80, they kicked Wiltz out of the car at the Timesaver. That's where where police and ambulance crews found him.

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Malum Prohibitum said:
The kicked him out of the car :shock:

Man, no honor among thieves, huh? :lol:
Can you blame the other crooks?
The guy was probably being all loud and noisy, saying things like "I've been shot" and "take me to the hospital."

No matter how many times they asked him, he just would not stop bleeding all over the seats and floormats. :lol:
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