San Francisco: high crime and public defecation

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    How many other cities have map apps to locate piles of human excrement?

    And still smug about it.
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    I had just finished reading this article and was talking to my wife about it. We both grew up in the Bay Area and went into The City frequently. I had one summer job while in college in the 80's making deliveries all over SF for a friend's printing company and got to know my way around very well.

    It has always been a wacky place, dating back to the freaky 60's. When I lived and worked there, you knew where to go, where to avoid, and where to definitely not go, sometimes divided by a single street. For example, the north side of Market was upscale, touristy and housed the financial district. you didn't really want to even walk on the south side of Market if you could avoid it, and you didn't want to venture further south of Market.

    I saw all the stuff mentioned by the article in the sketchy areas, but the touristy areas were almost always well kept and generally free of homeless except for a random panhandler or two. My mom still lives in the Bay Area and confirms the city has declined. While I could never move back to CA - the cost of living and the politics are crazy - it's a shame to read about the decline of one of the crown jewels of the state. It sounds like what has happened to Detroit. :sad:

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    Sounds like Raqqa, Syria.