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I CC'd for ~ 9 years but due to advancing health problems as well as worsening ambulatory problems (I just got fitted for leg braces and wear those now) the act of lifting a garment with my off hand to draw with my strong hand, especially when I might be using a cane for balance, well, OC became a much more viable option. I decided to standardize my accessories and now every handgun is carried openly at 3:00 in a Safariland ALS holster.

I have been OCing for ~ 16 months now and have never got so much as a double take. I've interacted with not only fellow citizens but quite a few LEOs in passing and, again, never so much as a stare or question.

All the rhetoric people spout off about OCers having a shoot me first sign on their back just isn't true. There is no study out there which has concluded, with statistical significance, that OCers draw the first shot.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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