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    I CC'd for ~ 9 years but due to advancing health problems as well as worsening ambulatory problems (I just got fitted for leg braces and wear those now) the act of lifting a garment with my off hand to draw with my strong hand, especially when I might be using a cane for balance, well, OC became a much more viable option. I decided to standardize my accessories and now every handgun is carried openly at 3:00 in a Safariland ALS holster.

    I have been OCing for ~ 16 months now and have never got so much as a double take. I've interacted with not only fellow citizens but quite a few LEOs in passing and, again, never so much as a stare or question.

    All the rhetoric people spout off about OCers having a shoot me first sign on their back just isn't true. There is no study out there which has concluded, with statistical significance, that OCers draw the first shot.
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    Since detached to Va a month or 2 ago I OC all the time. Always a S&W 5906 in a pancake holster. Not really small enough to be not noticeable.

    Had 4 or 5 people comment on it, all favorably and dayum few seem to even notice.


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    I use a Safariland too except for the rare occasions I need to carry concealed IWB. It's been 6 years and I can count the interactions stemming from someone seeing my gun on both hands, none of which have been negative so far.
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    In many states, openly carrying a holstered pistol is pretty much a non-issue.

    Just today, I openly carried my Glock at a park, and a mom there had no problem with me standing nearby while her little girl played with my little girl.

    Florida and South Carolina need to get on the freedom train and stop threatening to jail their citizens for exercising their natural right of self-defense, which INCLUDES the liberty to be visibly armed in order to deter crime.

    Why must I be forced to appear to be unarmed? I DON'T WANT to have to pull my gun from a hiding place and shoot someone when I could just have the criminal avoid me in the first dayum place.

    [Thank you Nemo for teaching me a new word] :)
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    Pay attention and I might even teach you some more.

    Nemo :oldtimer: