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For those of you who have taken a liking to Safariland's 578 GLS pro-fit series, here's another option.

I got mine in yesterday for my P229R after waiting two weeks for them to build it for me. The 537 is readily available for certain Glocks and I believe H&Ks, other offerings require a custom order.

This is my first time using the GLS system, as I wasn't much intrigued by the 578 pro-fit series and their one-size-fits-many design. I saw the 537 on another board and it was reviewed rather positively, so I figured why not go for it. The release is super intuitive as you get a full firing grip on your gun to remove it from the holster. It's arguably going to provide less security than the ALS series due to just how the release is activated, and Safariland does NOT rate this as a retention holster.

One aspect that intrugued me about the holster is the leather look. I'm iffy about leather holsters potentially collapsing on themselves (granted I've yet to order from Chuck), and this "hybrid" design removes that worry for me.

The holster fits extremely close to the body, making it a very concealable OWB holster should you wish to cover it up. I'm fairly certain the belt loops are for a 1.25" belt, but you can get a 1.5" in there if you fight hard enough. I don't know about how one might widen leather loops like that, so I've returned to using a reinforced Wal-Mart belt in place of my normal belt EDC belt while running this holster.

So far I've become quite fond of this holster, and safe to say it has become my new favorite OWB. Then again I've always been somewhat of a holster junky, but this one is going to be hard to top for me.

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