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So, should CA be cauterized from the rest of the country? Compelling arguments for separating the rest of the country from the tree hugging libs have certainly made their marks. Is there a ray of sunshine?

Unlike most states where gun bills can be passed, in CA the only headway to be made is through litigation. SAF and CGF (Calguns Foundation) revisit their latest attempt to assert "self defense" as a basis for ordinary law-abiding citizens seeking concealed carry licenses. This attempt was first explored in Sacramento County where the county has folded and is now essentially shall issue via fear of litigation (Sacramento is essentially broke and has chosen not to pursue defending an unconstitutional practice). Now SAF and CGF move on to Yolo County (another "bankrupt" county who has not shown any sign of wanting to settle), to assert a court decision and use the decision to enforce compliance of "shall issue" for all 58 CA counties.

More here: ... ostcount=1

Some argue that the ridiculous gun control laws that begin in Lib CA can trickle to the rest of the nation. In this instance, it appears to be the other way around. The fight continues.

What say you?
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