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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by gunsbillygun, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. gunsbillygun

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    im looking into getting a smith and wesson 469,9mm- does anybody have any experance with this gun and if you do whats your thoughts.
  2. tony218

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    i have one i've had for 20 years. i carried this gun until
    i bought my M&P. the only reason i stopped carrying it
    is the finish was starting to show holster wear.
    it has (i'm guessing) about 10,000 rounds in 20 yrs.
    without a hiccup except when i tried GEORGIA ARMS AMMO
    it kept having fte problems but no problems with any other ammo.
    do you know somewhere we could meet after work you can shoot
    mine. i see you live in jackson i live in jonesboro.
    i think my dad told me about a range somewhere in or around
    jackson that i could poss. make around 7:30 or 8:00

    oops! i just noticed you are in jackson co.

    just let me know, maybe we could meet this weekend of something.

  3. gunsbillygun

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    yea, jackson county,
    my 469 just showed up at my ffl guy, im going to shoot it tonight. this weekend i dont think i got anything pland but let me make sure with the boss.lol
  4. mswicord

    mswicord New Member

    Carried one for years....1st shot was always off due to the heavy double action trigger pull.....swapped it for a G26.....like the glock a lot better....

    FYI the GBI issued this as a priamy carry weapon in the mid/late 1980's...

    Mine was "silver" colored 469.....was told it was as an after market coating applied to many guns by a distributor.....never could find this in writing....