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Just came across this in one of my typically subversive emails. Had not heard of it before, but when you read the summary it just reeks of more crippling federal oversight.

Any finance/accounting people here? What has Sarbanes Oxley done for your company? This seems like SOX for agriculture and restaurants.

Anyway, here's the link and a copy of the letter I sent to both senators, if anyone is interested.

Dear Senator Isakson,

I am appalled at the expansive regulatory and oversight provisions in S. 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act . It gives too much power to the FAA & HHS. It appears to be another business killing bill, as well - more regulation along the lines of the Sarbanes Oxley Act, another piece of regulatory legislation that creates significant new costs and work for business.

Where is the federal government's constitutional authority to place such heavy regulatory burdens on private enterprise?

The impact of this bill will be less agribusiness, less small business, less local farmers markets, and greater cost to consumers, who will ultimately pay the price of less supply and higher production costs.

I am 36 years old and have survived my entire life without this level of federal interference in my diet & my relationship with the food marketplace. What in the name of God makes the federal government think that I will be better off with this new layer of bureaucracy imposed between me and my dinner plate?

Please do all within your power to stop this inappropriate meddling in the US agriculture & food service industries.

Thank you,

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Too many small businesses is a pesky thing for the federal govt to keep up with, and small businesses owned by entrepreneurs is especially onerous to the govt, for if successful, those business owners are truly independent. The govt enjoys reeling out the red tape to put them in their place.

Having a fewer number of businesses is easier to keep a thumb on, as well as being better able to control where people live and work. And if someone can't get a job at one of the large employers, then the govt handily gets another dependent.

Big govt also loves the support big businesses give it, whether they give out of loyalty or fear.
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