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Y'all...this is WAY worth spending a weekend on:

Throughout our nation's rich history, citizen riflemen have stood in the gap, dedicated to the preservation of liberty and the safekeeping of justice.

The Revolutionary War Veteran's Association will sponsor an Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Clinic on November 11, 12 (Veteran's Day Weekend) in Toccoa, GA. Our goal is the preservation of the noble heritage of America's citizen Rifleman.

When: Saturday & Sunday November 11, 12 from 8:30-5pm
Where: A private range in Toccoa, directions online at
Entry: $45 - one day / $70 - both days, as always youth under 20 shoot for free!
Bring: any centerfire rifle (under .32 caliber) with sling (semi-autos work best), 400 rds. Ammo, shooting pad/groundcloth, desire to shoot well and learn, whatever gear you need to stay warm/dry/cool/sunburn-free/bug-free/hydrated/fed, as we shoot regardless of conditions.

The weekend will include 2 full days of rifle marksmanship instruction that will focus on the Rifleman in American history, fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and much more.

All ages and skill levels are welcome. Be prepared to spend a long weekend on the range learning, improving your skills and exercising the eternal vigilance required to preserve liberty!
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