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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by jesuslives31548, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Ok, I owned the ruger SR9 for a brief period, maybe a week. No problmes with the gun. I only shot maybe 200 rounds. While at the range feel in love with Smith M&P 9MM. Traded Ruger baught Smith. I want a 40 now. Anyone shot the SR40? I really don't care about trigger creep and the minor issues that don't effect it's ability to fire when I pull the trigger. The SR9 carried as CCW much better then the Smith. I was at the range while a law enforcement branch was testing the Smith. I can say nothing but good. The test gun was beat up. But never miss fired. It was stated the gun testing had more the 50,000 round through it. Operating the slide I would belive it. The barrel had burn marks from so many shots. Anyway I want to know if anyone is using the SR40 as their CCW. I'm not sure I will never not carry the Smith but it might be an option at times. Like mentioned I never had problems with the Ruger. Prior to that I was a sold out true Glock guy, they are still wonderful guns. I think in years to come Smith will catch them as more LEO are looking to replace their aging glocks and may want the added benefit of a safety.
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    The SR40 and the M&P are the only 2 pistols I can stomach in .40. I fired both and the sr40 has noticeably less muzzle flip than even the M&P (which has less than any other .40 I have shot). The high bore axis and high hand grip make it comfortable and controllable for VERY FAST follow up shots. IMO you can't go wrong with the SR design in 9 or .40. :righton:

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    Fixed that for you. High bore axis causes increased muzzle flip. :)
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    I want to wait and see if the SR40 has the same barrel peening issues as the SR9. I wouldnt pay more than $400 for one either. Dont get me wrong, i love my SR9, but the machining and fitment is just crap compared to some other makes. But sub $400 i think its a good gun for the money.