Ruger SR9 *In Stores Today!*

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by blind_shake, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. blind_shake

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    List of Dealers:

    Jerry's Sport Shop 4075 Vickers Xing Ambrose , GA 31512 912-359-3241
    Duncan & Company 3941 Atlanta Hwy. Bogart , GA 30622 706-543-7803
    Barrow Automotive Inc. 29 S. Broad Street Butler , GA 31006 478-862-5205
    Big Woods Goods 2228 Holly Springs Pkwy. Canton , GA 30115 678-792-9000 View Website Is the closest to me :D
    Shulers Great Outdoors 30862 U.S. Hwy. 441 South Commerce , GA 30529
    400 Jewelry & Loan 66 South 400 Center Lane, Unit 140 & uni Dawsonville , GA 30534 706-216-1468
    Candler Road Pawn Shop 1890 Candler Road Decatur , GA 30032 404-284-5770
    Georgia Range & Gun 285 Lake Mirror Road Forest Park , GA 30297 404-366-7861 View Website
    Shulers Great Outdoors Inc. 310 Broad Street, SW Gainesville , GA 30501 770-534-2277
    Berry's Sporting Goods 106 South 5th. Street Griffin , GA 30223 770-227-3048
    Bargain Barn 3622 Camp Road Jasper , GA 30143 706-253-9462 View Website
    Curry Creek Trading 462 Sycamore Street Jefferson , GA 30549 706-367-8587
    Backwoods Outdoors LLC 1486 US Hwy. 19 South Leesburg , GA 31763 229-438-1395
    Specialty Sports Supply, Inc. 1444 Sam Numm Boulevard Perry , GA 31069 478-987-1772
    Adventure Outdoors 2295 S. Cobb Dr. SE Smyrna , GA 30080 770-333-9880 View Website
    Southeastern Gun Company 501 St. Andrews Circle Statesboro , GA 30458 912-531-1181
    Ed's Pawn Shop, Inc. 4431 N. Henry Blvd. Stockbridge , GA 30281 770-474-6084 View Website
    Chuck's Gun & Pawn 603 Watson Boulevard Warner Robins , GA 31093 912-922-9851
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    What's the appeal of this new pistol? Just that it's new? I haven't heard much press about it before yesterday.

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    SR9 is the first striker-fired pistol from Ruger. I think they are just trying to catch up with the rest of the MFRs. They are only selling 500 now. Only select gun shops have them. It was all "top secret" until yesterday. No one knew what it looked like or even the caliber until it was released.
  4. Bushhogs

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    Actually they have released 2000 guns. A selected number of retailers are receiving today 4 guns a piece.
  5. blind_shake

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    I will offer 50.00 for 1 right now. Cash in hand :lol:
  6. Bushhogs

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    The NEW Ruger SR9â„¢

    Ruger's first striker-fired pistol was designed from the ground up to offer an affordable, slim, comfortable-to-shoot package that provides the features demanded by today's most discriminating pistol shooters, all backed by legendary Ruger reliability.

    Today's centerfire pistols must do many things. Adaptability is the key. With the benefit of over 20 years experience in the centerfire pistol business, Ruger has re-engineered the genre of striker-fired pistols. We're putting all the features you've asked for into one impressive new package - the Ruger SR9. ...More

    Just look at what goes into this exciting new pistol:

    ** Weighs 26.5 oz., in a package of just 5.52" H x 7.55" L x 1.27" W.
    ** Reliable, striker-fired ignition.
    ** Easy, "Semi-Double Action" trigger-pull - 6.5 pounds.
    ** 17+1 Capacity. (Note: 17-round magazines are not available in all states and locales; 10-round magazines are available where required to meet state and local regulations limiting magazine capacity.)
    ** Chambered in 9mm Parabellum (9mm x 19).
    ** Short trigger reach.
    ** Unique reversible backstrap (flat or arched) to accommodate grip preferences.
    ** Slim, ergonomic grip features a 17-degree grip angle and three, 22 lpi checkered panels that provide a sure grip without being abrasive.
    ** Patented Ruger camblock helps absorb recoil.
    ** High-visibility 3-dot sight system is click adjustable for elevation and drift adjustable for windage.
    ** Picatinny rail accepts modern sighting devices (lights, lasers, etc.).
    ** Ultra-slim stainless steel slide.
    ** Ambidextrous magazine release.
    ** Ambidextrous 1911-style manual safety.
    ** Internal trigger bar interlock and striker blocker, trigger safety, and magazine disconnect.
    ** Visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator.
    ** Suggested retail price of just $525, including hard case, extra magazine, magazine loader, padlock, and instruction manual.

    Nothing on the market incorporates all of these advanced features!

    Striaght from the horses mouth.
  7. blind_shake

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  8. ber950

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    Ruger has a history of making user hostile pistols. Full of sharp edges and unnecessary safeties. This one looks about the same. Time will tell.
  9. MrMorden

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    Looks like a nice pistol, but I don't know...Ruger may be a little late to the party to capture any serious market share.

    I like the feature list, but I'd have to shoot one to know what I really think of the pistol.
  10. tace

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    Looks like an FN FNP !!!!!
  11. blind_shake

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    Quick Pic:


    I would like to shoot this as well maybe some of the dealers who have ranges would designate one for rental? That would be nice.
  12. ptsmith24

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    I doubt they will rent one if they're only getting 4.
  13. slabertooch

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    That is what I was thinking, the grip is what really does it.
  14. Brian618

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    I was in the neighborhood of Big Woods Goods today and got to see and hold one of these right out of the FedEx box :D

    First Impressions

    The grip is remarkably slim considering the 17 round double stack mag. It is noticeably thinner than my XD9 and Glock 17

    It point's a lot like a 1911, very easy to get on target quickly. Nice easily visible 3 Dot White sights (Rear is Adjustable)

    Trigger wasn't bad in DA, but I would like to shoot it a few times to see how I liked the trigger.

    Ambi Safety and mag release for the southpaws among us

    All in all a pretty good looking gun and a small enough package where you could easily carry 17+1 9mm in an IWB for CC. After I get a chance to shoot one, I may just pick one up.

    No Price information yet, as I said they had just pulled them out of the box, and they did not have all the pricing information, but they were kind enough to let me play with it.
  15. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    I like the list of features too. I even like the look. I have only shot a couple of Ruger semi- 9mms, however, I was not impressed. To each his own.
  16. ptsmith24

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    I assume the limited production is just for initial release? Do you think they're testing the waters to see how people like them or just releasing that many to begin with?
  17. USMC - Retired

    USMC - Retired Active Member

    They did the same thing when they released the P-85's twenty years ago. The only difference being they sent some out to gun writers pre-release who wrote rave reviews (I believe the good reviews were justified, I love mine) and built up a feeding frenzy prior to release. I had my FFL at the time and was one of the lucky ones to get ONE right off the bat. I decided to keep it for myself despite offers for twice what I paid for it the first time I shot it at the local range. I still have that p-85 and carry it on a regular basis.
  18. Adam5

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    This thread got me thinking. I no longer own a striker fired pistol. I think I like the triggers better o nmy hammer fired guns, even the on eon my Taurus Mill Pro. That one had a long first pull, but I fire it from reset after that, so it's no big deal. I got used to it on my first range trip.
  19. M249

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    If they make a SR40, and it's magazine compatible with a PC40, it could be a great sidearm/carbine combo.

    Bushhogs, don't you have one in the store? What's your opinion of it?