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I'm looking to sell/trade my Mini 30. It's stainless 189 series, with a barrel shroud, stainless Bushnell 3-9 scope, less than 100 American BRASS cased non-corrosive rounds run through it. Comes with two 5 round factory mags, and two 10 round factory mags. I also have some ballistic tip and soft boint GA arms brass cased hunting ammo I can throw in for the right trade. This thing is absolutely beautiful, but I rarely shoot it and it just sits in the safe except for an occasional cleaning/re-oiling. Only blemish is that the scope is scratched on the bottom between the rings. I have no idea how the scratches got there. Doesn't effect the scope and the lenses have no scratches; it's still very clear and always cleaned with a leupold lens pen.

Trade interests (up or down):

FEG Sa85m
Mak90 straight cut rec.
Maadi (prefer ACC/Intrac import)
Ruger SP101 (2.25")
Kahr PM9
Kahr P380
Glock 30 w/rail
3rd gen G32, 33, 19, 26
Kimber Elite Carry or Ultra Elite
Other Pre-series II Kimber Ultras
Remington 700 in 25-06, .243, .280, .308
Accu-trigger savages in .243 (preferably camo)

PM me with applicable info (i.e. round count, importer, overall shape, sights, holster wear, etc.)
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