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Ruby Ridge Weaver - They Are Still Watching Me

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Weaver fears the federal government may be watching him again after his neighbor spotted someone suspicious.

She says, 'I just scared some guy in a black uniform out of the weeds out there by the woods and he took off running,' he said
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Malum Prohibitum said:
From the federal court opinion.
Mr. Horiuchi, rightly or wrongly, was clearly acting under orders authorized by the U.S. government to go shoot and kill an armed male adult because the threat to human lives had already been determined by his supervisors based on the facts then known to them
Is that a legal defense in court? Since when?
Is there US case law precedent on following orders not being a defense?

I know the war crimes trial at Nurnberg established that this is not a defense but I don't know if this is binding on US courts... not a lawyer.
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