Round Up the Usual Suspects

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    Chicago defends list of suspects, victims for crime fighting

    In addition to the Chicago Police using the list to identify possible victims or suspects, the department uses it to warn those with the highest scores that they are at risk of being involved in gun violence. Unfortunately, many on the list have never been involved in either a gun related crime or a violent crime at all.
    When the lines in Casablanca were used in 1941 they were done as a parody of what was wrong with the Nazi approach and how absurd it was to do things that way. Sadly, we now have morons in our own law enforcement that believe stuff like this works. But then, we knew they were morons because they also believe that law abiding citizens pose a risk and should not be allowed to be armed.
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    Chicago is of course Chicago, nothing surprises me at what comes out of there. The state as a whole is trying though in regards to the rights of lawful gun owners. They just have that big anchor weighing them down, and it's called Chicago.

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    That's a lot of usual suspects. :popcorn:
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    yea, they are getting ready to hold a celebration for the leader of the Puerto Rican terrorists organization that recently got out of jail. They deserve everything they get.