Rossi, Marlin, or Henry

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by LandThatILove, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. LandThatILove

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    I'd like some advice. I want to get a .357 lever action rifle. I've been looking at the Marlin 1894cp but a friend of mine said the Rossi was just as good and less expensive. I've also looked up the Henry, but haven't tried very hard to find one. If you were going to buy one, would you spend the extra money for a Marlin or Henry, or is the Rossi really just as good and reliable?
  2. mountainpass

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    I like the Marlin lever guns, they seem to be well finished. I can't comment on the others.

  3. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    I have an EMF in .357 and haven't had any problems with it.
  4. triggerman357

    triggerman357 Active Member

    I like the feel of my Marlin better than my Rossi. If you go Rossi, stick with the regular size lever loop. The cowboy model is too cumbersome.
  5. psrumors

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    I have a Marlin 1894 in 44 mag...great rifle
  6. dunkel

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    I got the Rossi 92 in .357 and it's awesome. And half the price of the others (got mine for just over $400 new). There are a few tweaks that can be done if you plan on using it hard, but they're cheap. It's been reliable with both .38s and .357 of all different types.

    But, hey, it's not a Marlin or a Henry.
  7. gunsmoker

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    I have a Marlin lever-action. The fit and finish is excellent. It's a quality rifle you should be proud to show anybody.
    I've examined a number of Rossi rifles and pistols, and while they are functional, they look a little cheap when it comes to fitting wood to metal, polishing the tool marks off the receiver, finishing the wood, etc.
    But both should work. Reliability should not be an issue. Just looks, and how much they'll hold their value years down the road.
  8. misawa

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    :righton: 8) :righton:
  9. Savvy Jack

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    Here are my Marlins
    1889 44WCF
    1894CB "Cowboy" 44 WCF
    1894C 357 mag/38 Spl

    If you plan on purchasing a rifle and hanging on to it, get the Marlin. If you just want to shoot then re-sale.....Get the Marlin! If you want to get one to hang on the wall....Get the Marlin!

  10. JiG

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    Of the 3 the OP mentioned, I concur, however; if the OP throws Winchester into the fray, then we might have some agreements/disagreements depending on the Winnie. (Marlin's action is stronger and better IMO. ~please forgive me for what I said JMB~ [-o< )

    The 1889 is sexy!

    OP: When I researched my lever... there was only one that had it "all", that was the Marlin. Perfect balance, sharp shooting, and made to a higher quality than you'll find on the average 336 and much better quality than you'll find on imported rifles. The Henry wasn't even in contention... brass is pretty, but not strong. I wanted my rifle to be able to handle the same overpressure loads my Ruger revolver can. The Marlin was the only one left standing when all things were considered. 1894CB for the win.
  11. ET.

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    Man, I want a Marlin lever gun too. I have an old Marlin 780 (Western Auto Revelation) that I bought in 1966 at the tender age of 12. It is still going strong after thousands of rounds thru it. I have been eyeing the older Marlin lever guns for a few years but haven't "pulled the trigger" on the purchase yet.