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I am entering my team in this event next week.
I am thinking that I may be interested in hanging a GCO banner on the opposite side of my site during the festival and if I can find a couple of interested local members, letting them sit with us and talk up GCO stuff, along with letting a few thousand people hear about and see GCO in a setting other than a gun show.
This is a spur of the moment thought but I think I have most of what I want to accomplish figured out.
GCO is not sponsoring me or my team, I am footing the bill for this, so my main interest is winning the cook off.
My team and I will not have time to serve chili and chat up GCO, hense needing a couple of additional folks. I dont think I am ready to sign up new folks during this outing, I am just wanting to test the waters at a location that has a heavy population of college kids that also compete in this event.
I think we could hand out the orange buttons, leaflets and cards. I know guns are legal, yada, yada, yada, but this is not a message I want sent for this outing, so If you would like to help, CC only.

Next year I will approach GCO and see if they are interested in sponsoring a chili cook off team or I may hire myself out and let my wife run TCP.
Either way I hope to see you folks come out to see us. Rome has one of the best events I have ever entered, they are just big enough to make it a worth while drive from ATL
We do not get as crowded as Stn Mountain so you will enjoy yourself more.
The Rome cook off you most likely will never taste peanuts and snake in a chili tasting cup
The Chili Pros makes the best non-bean chili!! EVER
For you fitness people, you can park at the Braves Stadium and walk or ride next to the river up to our event! :righton:
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