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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Thorsen, Sep 17, 2007.

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    One of my favorite fantasy authors passed away this last weekend. He died of a rare blood disease. This is a sad ending for a man who was a great storyteller as his flagship series The Wheel of Time will now not be completed .... at least not by him. I have been following this series since the publication of the first book in 1990 and it was to be concluded with the twelth book, scheduled to be published in 2009. From my understanding, on his death bed he explained many of the plot lines to his family, but even if a ghost writer is brought in to complete the series it will not be the same.

    Sad for everyone.
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    He outlined the plot on tape. There is an army of writers waiting to work on it. I'm sure the last book will be just as good as any of the others.

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    OMFG, I JUST made a post about this on a forum I frequent a few weeks ago. :( :( :(
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    I read several of those books before I realized he was writing 10,000 books for the series. And taking foreeeeever between books. But with that said he was a great writer. Anyone that enjoys fantasy should consider this a serious loss of talent from the pool.

    I've been planning to re-read the first 4-5 that I already have & the rest once the series is finished. That really sucks. thoughts & prayers to his family and all his loyal follwers