RIP - Butch Trucks

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    "Okay... no wonder they're out of business I've never heard of Butch Tr.... ohhh... oops":|
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    Sad. I was in Macon a couple of months ago and visited Duane and Berry's graves. Now Butch is gone.
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    Shot himself in the head. Suicide. In front of his wife.

    Reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore's son, RICHIE. . He was an alcoholic and pothead, but when he loaded a .410 shotgun in front of witnesses, stuck the barrel in his mouth, and pulled the trigger, it was reported as a "gun accident." The media speculated that it was an accident, and Mary Tyler Moore's biographer endorsed that view, blaming the cheap .410 shotgun having a "hair trigger" and "sawed off barrel" (It was 18.5" and factory-made that way). I think it was a suicide.
    A lot of suicides are reported to the police as "gun accidents." That way any life insurance policy on the deceased will have to pay up.
    That way the family is spared a bunch of ugly gossip and shame. Sympathetic cops and coroners often go along with the lie, to help the family.

    Kurt Cobain is another famous musician who killed himself with a gun. In 1994. A gun that he had a friend buy for him for "home protection." A sporting gun; nothing tactical or combat-featured about it. It was a Remington model 11; a copy of the famous Browning A5.

    Hervé Villechaize, the 3-foot 11-inch actor who shouted “De Plane! De Plane!” on the TV series “Fantasy Island” shot himself with a .380 caliber pistol in 1993.

    Before him, I think the last celebrity gun suicide was Del Shannon, who had a #1 hit with the song "Runaway" in the early 1960s. He used a .22 rifle to put a bullet through his temple in 1990.
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  4. TimBob

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    Even more sad.