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I would stay away from a Vulcan / Hesse gun.

I'm a big fan of my Century M70AB2 underfolder - it shoots great and is really solid. Its a 1.6mm receiver and has a great finish.

AK74's are plentiful and the ammo is cheap but unless someone starts making commercial 5.45 ammo I think the surplus supply could dry up in a few years. I dunno, I want one, but hell I already have enough calibers. With 3 guns using 7.62x39 i think I'll just stick with that.

Adam is that Romanian just a WASR underfolder for $450? For ust a little more you can get the Yugo M70AB2 which is a good step up from a WASR... you can get them for $439 from Classic Arms, so shipping + FFL you're probably at about 5 hundo.

if i can make the 6/16 shoot, you're welcome to try mine out.
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