Richmond Hill Police installing speed detection devices

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by phantoms, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. phantoms

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    I thought when Georgia adopted the red light cameras it was made clear it was only for running red lights. Did they expand the law where cameras can be used to ticket someone without an officer present?
  2. Dawgdoc

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    Apparently the law recently changed:

    No surprise to me that Richmond Hill would do this. In the news story linked above, they are filming at the high school directly across from a neighborhood in which they vigorously enforced the 25 mph speed limit. As in, if you went 26 mph, they would ticket you. Since the speed trap law did not apply to 25 mph limits and below, they took full advantage of it. My step-sister learned the hard way, and I got to learn from her experience (which was useful since I went through that neighborhood almost everyday.)

  3. Phil1979

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    Small towns need the revenue. Perhaps using these devices means they won't need as many police officers? Save money and make money at the same time!
  4. moe mensale

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    Both stories are factually incorrect. The speeding drivers will not be ticketed. The owners of the vehicles associated with the license plate numbers are going to be ticketed. The driver may not be the owner. That's what happens when direct human involvement (in this case a cop) is replaced by a machine incapable of discernment. All for the sake of easy money for the city.
  5. Wegahe

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    I hope they are more accurate than the ones posted in various locations that do not take pictures. The ones that can vary your speed by up to +/- 10mph even though you don't change speed. Driving 35 then 45 then 38 then 40 then 44 then down to 25 all in one trip past it doesn't seem right. Or worthy of being used as a speed trap
  6. phantoms

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    That's because the angle between your direction of travel and the radar are constantly changing.
  7. Clark

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    I looked up the law from 40-14-18:
    Note that this allows speed enforcement all day, not just while the reduced limits are in effect. I know one place they're going in in Conyers, the normal speed limit is 40mph. Do we really think they'll adjust the system to account for the 40mph limit in between the beginning and end of the day? If they don't this will be a cash cow for all the jurisdictions doing this, how many people cruising through at 40mph midday are going to just pay it?