Revovler shooters: What is a "speedloader"

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    Since several board members have expressed an interest in carrying revolvers, either J frame size or larger, I thought I would address something that has come up in several threads lately involving the use of "speedloaders" for revolvers.
    The "speedloader" that most seem to consider is manufactured by HKS. These are a hard plastic/polymer type material with a large aluminum knob on the top. Rounds are loaded by placing the rim of the cartridge case into the loader til all the holes are filled, and then the knob is twisted to hold them in place. In order to "speedload" the revolver, the rounds are put into the cylinder, and once the cylinder has all the rounds in the chambers the knob is turned and the rounds drop by gravity into the cylinder.
    This creates several problems.
    HKS "speedloaders" are wobbly, the rounds are not held tightly in place.
    These loaders require lining up the wobbly rounds and then twisting a knob to release, by gravity, the reload.
    The knobs stick up almost half an inch in order to make them "twistable", which hinders carry options and concealment options.
    HKS makes a fine product, and I have a lot of them, but the truth is, they are NOT SPEEDLOADERS.
    They, at best, are "quick loaders"
    If you want a "SPEEDLOADER" for a revolver, then there is truly one proven product on the market. The Safariland Comp 1 or Comp 2 speedloader.
    These loaders force the rounds into the cylinder by spring pressure, and hold the rounds very firmly in the loader. They also offer over the belt carry rigs which effectively conceal a reload if that is a concern.
    The downside is that Safariland has limited availability of firearms they make loaders for.
    If you want a "quickloader", buy the HKS.
    If you want a "speedloader", buy a Comp 1 or Comp 2.

    As you can imagine, this is MY OPINION of the two products. I have nothing to gain whichever you decide to buy. HOWEVER, I have both, and if I want to carry a speedloader (I actually like moonclips, but that is another rant) I carry the Comp 1.
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    I have a few of the Comp 1's. They work well for my SP 101.

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    48 ... rands.html
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    I hadn't seen that moutainpass, but his experience is the same as mine....
    Comp 1 speedloaders are THE revolver speedloader to use
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    dang i should have ordered those instead...oh well i can always buy more :mrgreen:
  6. I would have gone with Safariland speedloaders if they made them for 7 shot revolvers. I've gotten pretty quick with my HKS speedloaders and never had the issue that some report about the rounds falling out unintentionally.

    Any of you have experience with 5-Star Firearms speedloaders?
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    Just another thought regarding loaders.....most loaders are designed with the "original" form of the revolver. When you change out the stock grips for maybe an over size pachmyr or the hogue grips there may become an issue where the loader now does not clearly interact when the cylinder is swung open because you now have a larger type of grip on the weapon and it is now "hitting or touching" the loader preventing it from a clean drop. Have had this happen to me....just wanted to pass this thought on.
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    When I was young and handsome, in the 70's, we had to qualify by reloading our revolvers out of a "dump pouch".....I LOVED finally getting HKS quickloaders for revolver reloading. However handy the HKS device is (I do own a good many of them, and always will) it ain't a speedloader compared to the Comp 1
  9. This happened with my Taurus 66 7-shot with the stock rubber grips. I got some factory wood grips and these helped a little bit. You learn a new technique and get good with it. Main thing is once you get 3-4 rounds in with the speedloader angled, you spin it and it drops in perfectly. And while you're spinning it, you turn the knob and the rounds drop in.

    I will say, it's not as fast as my 6-shot Taurus 82, but it's still pretty fast once you get the hang of it.

    I noticed that the problem appears to be because the cylinder doesn't swing out more with a 7-shot cylinder than with a 6-shot cylinder. And the shape of the speedloaders protrude enough to catch on the grips or frame when trying to drop it in. This is one reason I was curious if anyone has used the 5-Star Firearms speedloaders, because they're not entirely circular, so maybe that part that goes in is enough to clear the frame and grip.
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    Wait..when were you ever "young and handsome"? Even in the 70's?

    Oh wait, you meant the 1870's, right? :lol:
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    % star those are the ones that look like the cylinder fo the revolver right? I have been look at some fo those. I will check into the Comp1 but i am pleased wit the Speed strips for now.
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    I keep a library of speedloaders and magazines on hand for pattern making and I picked up some 5 Star .410 speedloaders recently (I'm planning on making some .410 speedloader pouches for the judge and the new Rossi carbine)

    You can see from this photo that these 3" .410 rounds are somewhat loose, and flop about a little. Its not much but it would be enough to cause reload issues under stress I think.

    They look like they would be heavy, but in fact they are very lightweight - and very shiny!
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    on my 649 it contacts the grips that came on the gun. Takes a little practice to get it to work
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    Sheriff.... The HKS is still faster than picking them out of your pocket, picking the lint out, and trying to put them in, in the correct direction, in a hurry!

    HKS are indeed "speedloader" compared to that....

    The Safariland Comp are dubbed, "Speedierloader"....

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    The SL Variant speedloaders are THE fastest loaders outside of a moonclip, period.

    I had a set of 4 for my K frames a while back. They're European and lacked a good importer for years.

    Now this guy: has them for sale.
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    I looked at them before I bought mine. They are longer and more expensive than others....but they are the best. ... e-781.html
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    While not as quick as a good speedloader, these are what i use when carrying my revolver. lim, easy to carry, and i can carry 2-4 reloads in the space of 1-2 speedloaders. I also parctice with them. Again, quicker than a pile of rounds in the pocket!

    Of course if you REALLY want a spedier reload in a revolver, a 9mm or .45acp revolver with moon clips would eliminate 2 steps.....