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Guess I'll toss this out there.

- Tan leather
- Adjustable ride height
- Adjustable cant
- Paddle

Was looking for a nice quality tan leather holster for my Glock 17, but absolutely love the ability to take paddle holsters on and off with ease without having to strip out ones belt.

Fit the ol' Glock like a glove, the retention strap was a little tight at first and took some effort to fasten it with the gun in. A couple of nights in the holster broke it in real good. Retention is tight as well, its still at the point where drawing the pistol takes some effort. The thumb strap is stiff, but a firm push down with the thumb will unsnap it.

Found mine for just under $60.00 on the internet (optics planet I beleive) with free shipping.

Google Photo:

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