Response to Atlanta Journal-Constitution on City Park Carry

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    The following letter to the editor was sent this date in response to the article on city park carry and unfair vilification of the GCO. I KNOW it is too long. I wanted to explain an alternative position to their typical bias against guns, almost anywhere. I do not speak for GCO or the NRA, but have put forth my views on the subject and I will take my lumps, good or bad.

    Dear Editor; re: Guns, parks don't mix article

    You seem to define public gatherings far broader than the Georgia code language. Because people are in a place in numbers does not necessarily mean that it is a public gathering. Moreover, specific exclusions to carry are outlined in the code. You claim that Georgia is awash in guns. That is a charged statement, without merit. You do not talk about car ownership being at record highs, or that those cars are sometimes used to rob banks and minute markets, or state that we are awash in cars. Ownership of firearms is a guaranteed right of the 2nd amendment and is a natural, individual right to self-protection that preceded the U.S. Constitution and the constitutions of all 50 states. Moreover, it was not just crime in the nature of some people that the founders recognized, but the greatest threat was the tyranny of the government over the citizens of the new republic.
    You fail to recognize that firearms are often used in the defense of life, probably 1-2 MILLION times a year, usually without the firing of a single shot. You grossly underestimate the number of times firearms are used successfully for self-defense of person and families. Misguided anti-gun advocates fail to recognize the simple difference between a firearm and a criminal with a firearm. Many people do not understand why, in many states with firearm carry laws, they have lower rates of violent crime. Washington D.C., NY and Chicago have high crime rates, cities with 2nd amendment rights denied. The crime rate contribution by law-abiding citizens with an FBI background check and a firearm carry license or permit commit a minuscule portion of the violent crime in this country. Could it be the removal of 2nd amendment rights, and leaving the bad guys armed was a failed policy? The U.S. Academy of Sciences found restrictive gun laws did not effectively reduce crime, and often the inverse was true. They hardly believed their own data. Could it be some were looking for, or expecting a different result? Criminals generally don’t pass or even try to pass FBI and other local background checks.
    Your comments on GeorgiaCarry.Org (GCO) were off the mark. GCO performs a valuable service, protecting Georgian’s rights to self-protection, ownership, carry, sale, purchase and carry of firearms. Firearms laws are pre-empted by the State of Georgia These rights, however, have been denied in many counties across Georgia. GCO has rightly defended those rights and basic freedoms we have in our republic. Because you do not want to accept their viewpoint or even consider it, you vilify them. Another example of unfair or unrepresentative liberal press include the recent selection by CNN on the You Tube “debates†in which a Rambo figure was chosen as the one to ask questions of the candidates.. That CNN choice was not the best example of firearm owners. Joe Biden’s response did clearly reveal his strong anti-gun position. I understand that Diane Feinstein had a carry permit as Mayor. She clearly understood her need for self-protection and that of her family. However, she would deny other law-abiding folks the same freedom, and would collect all of the guns, if she just had the votes. I call that the very definition of hypocrisy. For anti-gunners, gun control really means federal registration, followed by but-back offers, confiscation and destruction. We need organizations like the GeorgiaCarry.Org, NRA to protect our guarantee to have and bear arms. Having a few firearms in a city park does not violate current public gathering firearm laws, and actually provides a safer environment for children to play. When politicians substitute their own judgment for the law, the framer intent of the U.S. Constitution, and Georgia State code, they are way off base. My sense is firearms are being removed away from areas and people and places that should be able to have them, and leaving firearms in the hands of those who would do us harm. This does not serve either the public or private welfare. Concentrate efforts on the bad guys, where the aim and vilification should rest. Please, do not paint all firearms owners with the same brush you do criminals. They are not one and the same.

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    Not all state constitutions have a right to keep and bear arms. If memory serves me correctly Kalifornia is one example.

    But good read. :wink:
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