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Residency question....

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Does the owning of property in Georgia, and paying taxes on that property, make a person eligible for a GWL?

What if that person actually lives, votes, etc. in Tennessee.

Would that person be eligible to purchase handguns in Georgia via a private or a FFL dealer?

Your thoughts?

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Jerry I believe one must live in GA to get a GA License.
mountainpass said:
Jerry I believe one must live in GA to get a GA License.
That i believe is correct, you need a GA DL or Voters Reg to get a GWL. Some counties are completely anal about residency requirements tho. Usually you have to live in the county for at least 3 months and prove it with utility bills. Hell, when I applied for mine in Fulton, i had lived here less than a month and used my temp dl and applied. (i got my perm dl the same day)
I think the standard answer to both of your ?'s is your state of residency is that of which your driver’s license is from and the state in which you vote (both should be the same). you can only legally take possession of a handgun in your home state. You could buy one in GA and have it shipped to an FFL in your home state to take possession.
To get a GWL you would need a GA DL like already stated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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