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    Can someone recommend a good moving company? My best friend since the first day of the first grade is a disabled veteran who is currently living in a small cabin on the side of a hill in Cleveland, Ga. Between the VA in Atlanta being crap and cabin living getting more difficult, he wants to move so he can use the VA in Augusta. I recently bought a house in Warrenton, about 40 miles west of Augusta. My wife and I thought we would be using the house starting in June of this year, but now it is going to be a few years. Long story short, we are moving him into our house in a couple of months.

    He is stressing some about the move, so I want to hire someone to come in, pack everything, and move it, quickly and easily without breaking or stealing anything. It's not that much to move, but he gets overwhelmed easily. Lingering side effect since the VA botched a 4x bypass.
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    We just moved my stepdaughter and her five kids from White to Cleveland. Excellent service from Jason Taylor Moving in Cumming in terms of the loading, moving, and unloading. Didn't use them for packing so can't comment on that but given how well they did with the moving I'd not hesitate to let them pack/unpack for our next move.

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    After moving to TX from GA some years ago I made some big mistakes.
    Get a real and firm quote, not one based on 'final weight'. Probably not possible given the nature of the moving business.

    About one third of my cost came from weight that was over the estimate made by the sales guy who looked at the items.

    Worked out to be 50 cents a pound to move that stuff (which was worth a small fraction of that).
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    Thanks for the input guys!