Republicans, all of the 'right' are intolerable and should be eliminated

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  1. gunsmoker

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    I didn't read that long-ass article, but did any part of it say "eliminated" as in attacked unlawfully in the streets as part of an actual purge of people who hold the wrong ideas and beliefs (i.e. traditional American values that made this nation great until just the last couple of generations of sissies and commies gained popularity)?

    Or does the article mean "eliminated" as in "having lost on the battleground of ideas, and being utterly rejected by the people"?

    Some leftists want a war in the streets, and will happily attack conservatives.

  2. Wegahe

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    I didn't read the whole thing but I gathered that it meant pushed out of the political realm. With the final outcome of a one party system. All in all it's the same garbage they have been talking for 50 years. Nothing new here...
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    There doesn’t have to be an actual shooting war, as long as we elect Democrat supermajorities in Congress and all states, so we can be perfect, like California. Allowable political opinions will be on a spectrum from extremely leftist all the way to moderately leftist. You stupid deplorables can live as long as you accept that you have no right to have your views represented, permanently.