Reporters getting CCW to get access to Capitol

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Houston Chronicle (TX)
    Page: B2 ... 73477.html
    January 10, 2011
    Byline: Peggy Fikac

    A must read!

  2. EJR914

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    That's awesome. At least TX got that one things right.

    I was in TX a few weeks ago, and it is very fair to say that the gun laws in TX are completely Draconian. I didn't research them or plan to carry while I was in TX because of them.

    No open carry was enough to get me not to carry, also, when we went to a restaurant for lunch, they had a bar there, and I guess they may sell alcohol there, I"m not sure, as the restaurant was packed and there was not one alcoholic drink on the tables.

    There was a huge sign near the bar area that said, "Carrying a firearm into this establishment is a felony and 10 years in prison." Or something to that effect.

    I was so glad I didn't carry in that state. Completely ridiculous and Draconian. I was thinking that just a few years ago, that was illegal in Georgia as well, but thanks to GCO, HB89 passed and we can now carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, and further more, now with SB308 passing, I can now have a beer or a glass of wine with dinner while carrying now as well.
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    That is a little extreme. I would have still carried.
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    I didn't feel comfortable checking my firearm with the airline, either. That also played a part in me not carrying while I was there.

    Believe me, I felt naked not being armed, especially in the bigger cities, and of course at my hotel room.
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    Somewhere, someplace some hardcore, card-carrying liberals are / will be wringing their hands, frowning, stamping their feet, throwing small objects into walls and will have their panties in a bunch over this. The image of that will keep a smile on my face for at least the rest of today, might even carry into tomorrow.

    Thanks for posting.
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    There's a particular Texas sign wording and style, specified in detail by the law, that when posted carries weight. It's called a 51 sign meaning that 51% of the place's business comes from alcohol sales.

    Inch high letters, Spanish too if I remember correctly.

    Those other signs are for folks without a license, and carry no weight as a sign, they are just a reminder of the law as applied to unlicensed folks.

    The concealed requirement is really no different from Florida.

    Well, that's my summary from memory
    this faq reminds me that there is a 30.06 and a 51% sign so that hospitals and such can ban carry.
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    Careful. This is just above. . .

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    We have cards? Crap, I didn't get one :(.
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    And you haven't shot any politicians because if it, now have you?

    Imagine that.