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While interesting, it's a non-event. The entire video was misquoted at best, and misrepresented out of context at worst.

I hear her talk about the NRA, and then I hear people cheer. I can't tell if they're cheering in agreement or disagreement. She then makes a joke about how old she is, and doesn't recognize all the faces anymore. Is that because she's old or because she's out of touch with her constituents? She then tells the crowd to pipe down. Is that because she wants to continue with her speech that they are interrupting or because she is putting her inferiors in their place? From her tone of voice, I can't tell.

I love guns, hate gun-control (I'd toss the NFA if I could), but think this video clip seems to have been selectively quoted for propaganda value. It's kinda like when you use ellipsis dots in a high school paper to bend the words of someone else to support your position.
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