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Interesting saga here. The GBI is investigating House Rep. Tyrone (no friend to legal gun owners) Brooks' wife to see if she tried to derail murder case against her son.
Matthew Mitchell, the son of Mary Brooks and the lawmaker's stepson, is charged with the Sept. 20, 2007, murder of Christopher "Noonie" Copeland, who was shot more than 70 times outside a club on Metropolitan Parkway.
Mitchell is on trial with co-defendant Prentice McNeil on charges they shot and killed Copeland. Prosecutors say the killing was carried out as revenge for a home invasion of Mitchell's residence five days earlier by the International Robbing Crew.
Mitchell's former girlfriend, Veronica Watts, was scheduled to be a key state witness, but prosecutors could not find her at the start of trial this week. She materialized in court Friday and said that she had been hiding in Miami at a number of hotels using aliases. She testified that Mitchell had a friend drive her to Miami and that she paid for the hotels using $1,500 in cash that Mary Brooks had left for her.
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