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EARN said:
I have about a year until my permit expires. I've read a few posts and I'm kind of confused about the "temp" permit. When I go to renew do they take my current permit? Is this why there is a need for a temp permit? Sorry if this has been discussed a million times before. I figured I would go renew this summer just to make sure there is no lapse.
No you keep your current GFL when you renew.

Basically if you forget to renew and have less than 3 months before expiration, then you should ask for a temporary renewal license when you fill out the renewal application. A temp is good for 90 days from the date they give it to you. So if you had a month left before expiration, if you got a temp renewal you could basically carry for 60 days after your license expired. All the temp renewal permit is supposed to be is a receipt that you keep with your current GFL that extends the expiration date.

I would go to renew between 3 to 6 months depending on the county you live in.
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