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    Hello and let me start by saying, hello I am new to Georgia

    Now on renewing GFL. I live in Carroll Co. Last time I renewed my GFL was Feb/2006. I had no troubles at all renewing my Lic. I went to the Probate Court payed the $15.00 renewal fee and that was that. The only thing that I regret was that at the time my GFL would of expired in Aug/2006 so I renewed early because I didn't think I would of been in town to renew it before it would of expired in turn I lost a few months off of my GFL other then that I received my renewed Lic. not to long from the I can't remember how long it took to receive the new Lic. in the mail though. Now I took a friend of mine that at the time was fairly new to the State Of Ga. who lives in Cobb Co. to get his first GFL and the process was straight forward it took about 1hr he received his GFL. about 3 months later his wife received it faster about 2months.
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    I've read your post several times, and I'm not sure what statement you are making, or what questions you have. If you could add some additional info and clarify your comments, I expect that you will receive some replies.

    Again, welcome to the forum :)

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    I think you are asking about not receiving your GWL before your current one expires. If that is the case, at the time of renewal you can ask for a temp GWL.