Remington Over/Under Derringer

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by TylersDad, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. TylersDad

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    My dad just gave me an old Remington Derringer. It's marked "Remington Arms Co. Ilion, N.Y." with a 3 digit serial number. Anyone familiar with these old guns? Any thoughts as to its worth?

  2. fmlaw1

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    Call Remington. They will get you a date of manufacture. I don't think they will give you a price range - but they just might, very roughly.

    Go to Barnes & Noble and find the Blue Book, or the S&W book. They will give you values. Also look at Gun Broker. Also, there is a S&W Forum, rife with collectors. If someone on the site doesn't know, then there is no answer!

    Looks very cool.

  3. GAGunOwner

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    Looks like a cool pocket-gun if it works, if not its still something cool to stick back.
  4. Savvy Jack

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    Its worth $0. Send it to me and I will properly dispose of it!! j/k

    Check There is about 50 of them for sale.
  5. TylersDad

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    Upon further inspection last night it looks like the hinge on this one has started to crack so I guess its destined to be a display piece only. Started getting excited seeing some of the asking prices on gunbroker but with a cracked hinge I'm mabe looking at a couple hundred. Oh well, gonna build a nice shadow box for it and put it up on the wall in my office.
  6. gunsmoker

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    They were very popular back in the day. Lots of them out there in circulation.
    So they don't have that much collector's value, unless it's in great shape, or comes with an original box/ paperwork, or has some history behind it (carried by some famous lawman or gangster?)

    The cartridge they used was weak compared to modern self-defense loads.
    I heard of a guy shooting at a target tacked to a telephone pole out in the desert, and the bullets (fired from only a couple yards out) barely penetrated a half-inch into the wood. The base of the bullets were about flush with the surface of the pole.