reminder on MLK murder day

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    50 years ago (April 4th) Martin Luther King Jr. was assainated.

    By a multiple-time convicted felon fresh out of prison for robbery.

    He bought the murder weapon under an alias-- a fake name.
    Not that anybody would have done a background check on him anyway. He probably used the fake name to try to increase his chances of getting away with it.

    The murder gun was a popular pump action deer rifle. A Remington 760, in .30-06, topped with a Redfield scope.
    Not a semi auto.
    No high capacity magazine.
    (It was a military caliber cartridge, though).
    The killer fired ONE fatal shot from about 80 yards.

    Lesson: We need criminal control more than gun control.
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    Dayum, I had a rifle just like that. Mighty nice hunk of machinery. But mine had a Leopold scope.


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    And a few months later they graced us with the Gun Control Act of 1968. :cheers:
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    I've always been curious, did he buy the rifle new or used. The reason I ask is that no one ever mentions whether he had to sight in the gun and if so, where. I'll fold me a little tin foil here for my hat, but you don't make a one shot kill with a rifle you have never, ever shot before.

    edit: according to Wikipedia (yeah, I know), Ray bought the rifle and had the scope mounted at the store. No mention of sighting it in. Apparently all the bullets he bought were accounted for. So I reiterate my questions. Can you make an 80 yard (head) shot without ever having fired the gun? (stretching my tin foil a little tighter).
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    Almost a week from the time of purchase (actually an exchange) until the assassination. No evidence one way or the other about sighting in the rifle. The store mounted the riflescope and probably did a bore sight of some sort, getting it close, with windage near perfect and elevation close enough inside 100 yards.

    The distance was only 66 yards. A high degree of accuracy is not required at that distance.

    We know the point of impact. We do not know the point of aim. For all we know, Ray was aiming at MLK's chest.
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    Amazingly, Ray, just like another famous window shooter five years earlier, left the crime weapon behind to be found by the cops. I guess he didn't think there was any way or any place he could dispose of it on his way to Canada. Amazingly. :popcorn:
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    With enthusiastic support from you know who. ;-)
    Passage of the Gun Control Act was initially prompted by the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1963.[1] The President was shot and killed with a rifle purchased by mail-order from an ad in National Rifle Association (NRA) magazine American Rifleman.[2] Congressional hearings followed and a ban on mail-order gun sales was discussed, but no law was passed until 1968. At the hearings NRA Executive Vice-President Franklin Orth supported a ban on mail-order sales, stating, "We do not think that any sane American, who calls himself an American, can object to placing into this bill the instrument which killed the president of the United States."[3][4]

    The deaths of Martin Luther King Jr. in April 1968 and U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy in June 1968 renewed efforts to pass the bill.[3]
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    Between them and your "monster thighs" fetish, you're a PITA! :lol: