Remembering my Father, Willies Words for Life

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    Over the years I've reflected back on my Father, the things he said have stuck with me through the years, while not a successful man by wealth standards, he was someone who could and did survive in any difficult environment. His Father, an itinerant tenant farmer was shot and killed by the town doctor in his office when Dad was only 5. Dad had to quit school in the 3rd grade to support his Mother and Sister. But he was a man of unwavering character which was forged as a child; and as I have aged his words demonstrate his common sense approach to living in a civil society. I try to emulate these standards, I hope when I leave this world and go to shake his hand he can say "That was good enough"

    Willie's Words for Life

    In Honor of

    My Father


    1. "A man's character has no color"

    2. "A good argument is worth listening to"

    3. "When you know you are right, take a stand, when proven wrong concede gracefully"

    4. "When you have wronged someone, apologize quickly, and offer to make it right."

    5. "If it ain't yours, don't touch it"

    6. "A closed door means stay out, knock and if no answer, walk away"

    7. "Stand up to bullies, even if it means losing blood"

    8. "A friend is forever, stand by their side even in bad times"

    9. "The weight of a man's wallet is not a demonstration of good character, but the weight of a man's word is"

    10. "You can't take anything to your grave but your good name"

    11. "Think about what you're about to say, speak your words carefully, hurt caused by hateful words is slow to heal"

    12. "Choose your friends carefully, one day your life might depend on your choices."

    13. "Associating with those of poor character leaves a stink on you that is difficult to wash off"

    14. "No man can know every bit of knowledge, so don't act like you do"

    15. "Listening is easier than talking, so know when to shut up"

    16. "When troubled, find a quiet place, organize your thoughts to find an answer, then act to fix your troubles"

    17. "Always treat a woman as a Lady until you know otherwise"

    18. "If I ever hear of you hitting a woman, I'll whip your ass and then hold you down so she can whip it too"

    19. "A nip now and then is OK as long as you don't depend on it to hide your troubles"

    20. "Don't enter other people's personal space or property without an invitation"

    21. "Treat all men with respect until you know their true character"

    22. "When I go, I'll shake Saint Peter's hand firmly, and tell him I did my best"
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    :righton: That is awesome. Thank you for sharing that.

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    Thanks EJR914, There are some other sayings that don't much apply these days like this one "Only drink bonded whiskey unless you watch it being made"
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    :goodpost: very awesome, thank you! :righton: :righton: :righton: :righton:
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    Thank you for the post. Some very wise words!

    Do you mind if we share??
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    Please feel free
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    Great words of wisdom.

    I recommend everyone read the book "Sh!t My Dad Says" by Justin Halpern.

    A guy compiled all of the advice (good and bad) that his dad gave him during his life. Very entertaining.
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    :righton: And from what I can tell you actually took his advise to heart..Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks Bob, when we have a ftf. I'll you. the rest of his story