Rekognition - Amazon’s $7/month facial recognition service for law enforcement

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    Long detailed article about Amazon’s push into the facial recognition services game. Right now it’s a brand new field with many players besides Amazon. There’s next to zero laws and policies in place on how this tech is being used. There’s the good part where it can and will be used to decrease crime by taking more criminals off the street.

    The bad is going to come when Deputy Dudley Greenhorn smokes some random innocent guy at a traffic stop when a traffic camera falsely flags said dead random guy as a wanted murderer who Dudley will testify he had to shoot him 16 times because of a “furtive gesture” like reaching for his wallet. Then some other random innocent guy will get flagged by their sister’s Ring doorbell as a violent drug dealer with warrants. A swat team will conduct a “dynamic tactical entry” into the sister’s home. The family dog, Sparky, gets shot in the head and the sister’s husband gets shot in the face and chest by several team members because he was holding a shiny black object that looked like a gun. The shiny black object was a grill lighter that the husband was going to use to light the candles on his six year old daughter’s birthday cake. The daughter will commit suicide when she’s 15 due to years of PTSD and trauma stemming from the raid. Stuff like this will happen many many times before anything is ever thought about being done to put the genie back in the bottle.

    Don’t worry though. You’ve never done anything wrong. You don’t have anything to hide.
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    They've been using it in Britain for awhile. London is most surveilled city in world I believe. I dont like it but I dont see it stopping. Liberals will allow random underwear checks if it makes them feel safer.

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    Have ya heard of the tsa?
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    Thanks Bush
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